Birth Story Photography.

Birth is beautiful. Birth is hard. It is likely to be your most empowering moments in life, and I want to document that. I create stories that you can look back at, and feel the raw emotion felt that day. Birth stories are a photographic documentation of your day. Photos that you can cherish forever, that display the events that lead up to the birth of your child, and the precious firsts that took place thereafter. The second your baby was laid on your chest. The cutting of the cord. The first latch to your breast. -Your story.





*Non-refundable retainer of 30% selected package due at booking to secure your due date and surrounding weeks. All sessions subject to 8.6% AZ sales tax.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer consultations? Yes! I am all up in your personal, sacred birth space. Let’s meet me over coffee and make sure that you are comfortable with me being there for you. If you book a maternity session with me, you’ll REALLY get to know me. I love getting to know my clients.

When will you arrive to my birth? I will keep ongoing contact with you throughout your last weeks of pregnancy. I want to know when you think you might be in labor, and when you know you are. I will arrive when you are in active labor and immediately begin capturing your story as it unfolds.

How long will you stay? I will stay as long as I need to while you labor. If labor is stalling-thats OKAY! I will take breaks as needed to let you labor in peace. The laboring woman is best left alone to focus on the process. Once baby has made their way earthside, I will stay for 1 hour post-birth to photograph important firsts with and for your new baby,

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night? That’s totally fine. Call me! I am on-call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks. I AM HERE FOR YOU! Even at 2 AM! So seriously, call me.

What if you don’t make it in time? Communication is most crucial for this. I will make sure that I am able to leave when I receive ‘the call’, but sometimes babies have their own plans, and labor can be short. I will still arrive ready to capture the rest of your story.

What if I have a cesarean? Whether planned, or not, I will photograph every step of the day- hospital permitting. Some hospitals/doctors do not allow any photography in the operating room, and all we can do is try. I will work around their policies, and document everything else as planned. Ask your doctor about policies and let them know that you really want to document this birth.

Will you share my birth photos? If you let me, I would love to. Some people want their intimate moments private, and that is totally okay with me too. I love being able to share, but your feelings and comfort are much more important to me.

How many photos will I receive? A lot. As many as it takes to tell your entire story.

Do you offer payment plans? Yes! Due at booking, is the retainer of $350. The remainder can be split up into payments that work for you as long as it is paid down by 37 weeks.

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